1. what material are the t-shirts and hoodies made of?

100% cotton

2. what fit are the apparel?

refer size chart below

t shirt size chart
t shirt size chart
hoodie size chart
hoodie size chart

3. what are the care instructions for the apparel?

machine wash cold
dry inside out
do not iron on the print

4. where all do we ship?

currently we are only shipping within india. we are working hard, however, to make our products available to the rest of the world soon.

5. what is the delivery time?

your order will reach you within 2 weeks.

6. what is your return/refund policy?

get 100% refund should you receive wrong/damaged/defective products. (option to claim refund lasts 7 days from the date you receive your order.)

view complete policy here

7. how does my purchase help in making the world a better place to live in?

  • profits from your purchase go towards mental health awareness and wellness.
  • helps us work towards environmental sustainability of the planet on a larger scale.
  • your purchase helps small businesses and independent artists, it also supports and sustains a conscious brand
  • your purchase supports local small businesses and independent artists

view more information here

8. how do I contact you if there is any issue with the order?

if there is any issue with your order, please email us at shop@notjussayin.com with your order details and the issue.

9. i haven’t received the refund yet, what do i do?

refunds can take up to 7 business days to reflect in your bank account.
if it has been more than 7 business days and you still haven’t received your refund, please reply to your ongoing mail thread with shop@notjussayin.com

10. where can i track my order?

you will be emailed the tracking number once your order is on its way.
to track your oder, you can either click on the link in the mail or you can use the tracking number here.


we are committed to providing the best experience to you. if you have any suggestions, please feel free to send us an email at shop@notjussayin.com

peace and power to you x