how to quieten your mind instantly! (hack 1)

how to quieten your mind instantly
picture source Rushmika Nagpal

in this post i will be sharing with you one technique that helps me quieten my mind instantly!

do you ever feel like your mind is running on overdrive

do you ever experience your thoughts racing so fast that you are unable to focus on what’s at hand, or to just be in peace?

like your mind is a furnace and your thoughts keep bouncing off the walls, not seeming to stop even for a second, no matter how much you try to stop them, thoughts just keep coming at you

i know exactly how it feels because i too experience it! 

allow me to share with you one of the techniques that i use to quieten my mind instantly!

i have been using this technique for some time now and it really does help me get some peace of mind immediately, every time!

so without further ado, here is the technique —

doing this will allow you to quieten your mind, release the pressure from your head, and get you some peace of mind, instantly!

*this is a form of meditation, don’t do this while driving, working, etc. do this in your free time

  1. be in a comfortable position 
  2. close your eyes
  3. take a couple of deep breaths
  4. now, imagine your mind to be a vast blue sky, and your thoughts, clouds
  5. witness the movement of the thoughts/clouds in the mind/sky; allow the clouds to come in and go out from the edges of your mind onto the vast sky that continues to expand beyond the limits of your mind
  6. continue this visualisation practice until you feel peace of mind

another visualisation that helps me quieten my mind instantly is, imagining my mind to be a furnace and allowing the thoughts in my head to rise up and out through the top of my head like the steam that leaves the pot or the cooker; slowly witnessing the pressure of my head going down as the thoughts leave the mind. 

try this technique and share your experience in the comments below. did this help?

i hope this brings your peace of mind as it does me.  

ps, i first came across this technique while reading A Guide to Peace for Anyone with a Crazy, Messed Up Mind, a blog post on tiny buddha by Richard Paterson

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peace and power to you!


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