who is behind notjussayin?

hello and welcome to notjussayin!

my name is amitoj, you can call me tojo!

i find it extremely hard to write “about me” because i am so much more than what i could possibly write here. but just to give you an idea — i am a highly sensitive person, a renaissance man, a philosopher.

trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.

alan watts

my mission is to create a space in which all that doesn’t work is released; and i think living consciously can help us all do just that.

i have been practising living consciously since 2012 and it has immensely contributed to the quality of my life and the experience of living it.

it all started with thinking consciously after having read some books on mindfulness and attending numerous workshops that altered the way i perceive and live life. with time, i started practising conscious living in all important areas of life, to create and live a life that works for me!

recommended read: 3 books that pulled me towards living life consciously

the knowledge i share here is priceless and free!

if you find value in what i share, i invite you to contribute (follow, share, shop/donate) and help me create a space for all of us to live consciously.

peace and power to you x