3 books that pulled me towards living life consciously

3 books conscious living, be conscious
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after having read these 3 books, i was pulled towards living and thinking consciously.

these books have had a HUGE impact on my life and i think they might contribute to your life as well.

if you don’t read books yet, check what made me want to read books.

without further ado, the three books that pulled me into living life consciously are —

1. mindfulness – ellen j. langer

this books is primarily about being aware of our automatic behaviour. it talks about disadvantages living mindlessly and the advantages of living mindfully.

this book really helped me get present to the actions i take. it made me question why i do what i do, if what i do is helping or harming me, and what i can do better.

2. the power of now – eckhart tolle

the power of now, as the name suggests, is about being present in the moment.

one of my favourite quotes from the book is:

nothing has happened in the past;
it happened in the now.
nothing will ever happen in the future;
it will happen in the now.

ekchart tolle

as you can sense from the quote, life is happening right now.

the past, and the future are in our heads.

i still remember the first time when i read this book, it was the first time it felt like i was out of my mind and living in the now. that feeling was so freeing, peaceful, and ecstatic. it was the first time i ever felt in control of my mind and the thoughts that occur. it was a very powerful feeling.

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3. the three laws of performance – steve zaffron and dave logan

this book, by the name of it, sounds like it has nothing to do with conscious living and everything to do with work/performance hacks but it is not. yes, you will perform better as a result of practicing the laws in the book. but the laws themselves are not about performance. they are about perception, and how language (our words) create our world.

after reading this i got conscious of my perception of the world and the people around me, and i started consciously perceiving and communicating that which works for me and my life.

extremely powerful book!

recommended read: why our reality is an illusion

so these were the 3 books that got me into practicing conscious living.

have you read any of these books?
do you have any other book suggestions for conscious living?
i would love to know!

peace and power to you! x

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