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Can you think of any song that teaches you of happiness? Gives you a different perspective? Opens up your mind? Well, you can definitely add this song to the list! Below I’ll be sharing the profound lyrics on happiness and a link for you to listen to the song.

Early in 2017 while I was researching for potential record labels on Beatport for my productions, I came across this gem of a song. After listening to some 20-30 songs, I hit “play” on this song to check out the vibe of the record label and I got hooked from the very beginning. Not only is the music production remarkable and complete in itself, but the lyrics, Oh Godddd!!! The lyrics are so profound that they can teach us all a thing or 2 about happiness. I still get goosebumps every time I listen to this song!

The song is called “Backslider Pt. 3” by “C-Jay

I have played this song to my friends and family to share with them the wisdom these lyrics have to offer. Now, I am sharing this song with you to add value to your life, and I hope you will continue to share this song with your people to give them a perspective on Happiness.

Thought Provoking Lyrics on Happiness

You can listen to the song below and scroll further to view the lyrics 🙂

They don’t tell you when you’re sort of raised to pursue happiness. 

They don’t tell you that your pursuit is actually not gonna make you a happy person. 

Really happy people aren’t pursuing happiness, you ever notice? 

But if you don’t have it you think they got it because they pursued it. And so we keep pursuing.

We bring it into spirituality. 
We say pursue, we’re Looking for happiness.
Whether you call happiness Nirvana, Enlightenment, Awakening, God, Heaven, whatever it may be. One continues to pursue this elusive quality of existence.

But as I said, what’s not spoken, what’s not told to you is that pursuit of happiness leads to sorrow. 

Thats what we’re not told.

We want to be happy, do we not? 

We want to be happy but the more that we try to be happy, the less happy we actually end up being. 

It seems like sort of a contradiction doesn’t it? Or a catch 22. 

That you hook up to want this thing, but the more that you want it, the more you pursue it, the less of it you really have.

These lyrics remind me of a famous parable of a Man asking Buddha how to be happy —

A man asked Gautama Buddha, 
"I want happiness."
Buddha said, 
"First remove "I," that's Ego, 
then remove "want," that's Desire.
See now you are left with only "Happiness.”

So these were the lyrics, I hope you gained a different perspective on happiness, one which added value to your life.

I highly encourage you to support the artist by Buying the song on Beatport, Apple.

If you enjoyed the song, I have made playlists on Spotify, YouTube, called “Woke Music” which I will be updating with songs such as this one. Follow the playlist on the platform that works for you 🙂 — This reminds me, check out what I mean by Living a life that works for you.

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1. I encourage you to support the artist by buying the song
2. Share these profound lyrics on happiness with as many people you can 🙂


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