i am really excited to share with you “notjustanewsletter“, a written series on conscious living and thinking.

since 2012, i have been practicing conscious living and maintaining a journal of all the ideas i have learnt (and continue to learn) to improve the quality of my life.
this act continues to bring me clarity on the best practices for living a fulfilling life!

now, i want to share with you the thought process and ideas that enable me to live my best life

i want to share these with you because there is a possibility for it to add value to your life, or at least give you something to think about 🙂
that’s how notjussayin started in the first place. 
i thought to myself, “if this has helped me, maybe there are other people out there who could also benefit from this” 
so i started sharing

there’s a saying,

“if it inspires one person, it’s worth doing”


these letters will, primarily, be shared via email, so do sign up to for our notjustanewsletter if you are interested 🙂 

find below all the newsletters 👇

  1. reverie on our choices and our future
  2. reverie on a life-altering question
  3. do you really know the people you are closest to?
  4. do not chase happiness, choose happiness