reverie on our choices and our future

every second we have an opportunity to make a choice; and our future, our life, unfolds depending on the choice we make.
it is like a role playing game or like watching bandersnatch where your choices have a say in how the story evolves and eventually ends — except in this case, it is your life!

when you’re present, when you’re living mindfully, consciously, you begin to notice how everything you say or don’t say, everything you do or do not do is life-altering!
there are so many #andnothingwasthesame (and will ever be the same) moments we go through.

our every word, every action shapes our future.
the good news is, we have the power to shape our future, because we have the power to say and do!

we can create the future we want by saying and doing what we want to create, by living consciously. read more on conscious living here

the best way to predict the future is to create it

peter drucker

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