reverie on a life-altering question

it’s funny that you can ask yourself this one question in two ways, both leading to different energy and outcomes. how you ask yourself this question will determine the outcomes and the quality of your life.

the question is — “what can you do?”

one way to ask yourself this question is in a rhetorical sense.
where you have already lost faith and you’ve given up

the other way (the powerful, life-altering way) is to ask yourself “what can you do?” from a place of assuming responsibility of the situation
you ask yourself this question intentionally, looking for what you can do to make things happen.
this way your energy is focused on finding solutions, thereby giving you a greater chance to actually making it happen (compared to giving up).

where attention goes, energy flows, and results show

t harv eker

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*of course, there are times when you do need to accept things and move on. but you do so with the right mindset, not by feeling hopeless but by acknowledging that you have done your absolute best and accept that some things are indeed out of your control. 

grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, 
courage to change the things i can, 
and wisdom to know the difference.”

reinhold niebuhr

life is not fair sometimes, that’s just how it is 🤷‍♂️

now, you can either complain about how it’s not fair 
you take a step back, take a moment and say to yourself – okay this is how it is right now. what can i do now so that i live my best life? 

take the game of football for example

football is played under are all kinds of conditions.

it is played during the day, at night, when it is hot, sunny, when it is cold, snowing, during rains, when there is wind that affects the flight of the ball, etc.

these conditions are not “part” of the game per se, but players don’t sit around and complain about the playing conditions. they accept these conditions as part of the game and look for ways to win the game. 

that’s how we, as players, must look the game of life. 

there are going to be different playing conditions throughout our lifetime (sometimes easy, sometimes not). we need to accept these situations as part of the game and then ask ourselves “what can you do?” to make the most out of it and to win at life

remember, complaining has never changed anything!

if you don’t like something,
either do something about it
get used to it // accept it


i hope this added value to your life.
i would love to hear your thoughts on this, feel free comment below!

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