do you really know the people you are closest to?

i was wondering this for myself and i thought i’d ask you as well,
do you really know the people you are closest to?

what i think is this —

we only know people through:

what they choose to share with us, 
our perception of them / their actions. 

that is nowhere close to knowing:

them for who they really are
what they’re feeling or going through
how they see themselves

sharing a couple of quotes to serve as reminders for living consciously in our relationships —

first impressions are almost always wrong.


just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are.


maybe we will never know others for who they really are, 
just as they won’t ever know us for who we really are!

given that we won’t truly know anyone, i invite you to keep the following in mind — 

be compassionate.
ask questions instead of assuming.
and, most importantly,
if you don’t have anything supportive to say, stay shut!

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