the relationship between human beings, the spirit, and nature – a lyrical journey

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i don’t quite remember how and when i came across this song but i do remember distinctly the thought i had the first time i heard it — i thought ”everyone should listen to this song AT LEAST once.” the wisdom these lyrics share should definitely, in my opinion, be incorporated in primary school curriculum — worldwide!

our early experiences shape our perception of life and dictates how our life is going to be. i believe if these lyrics are inculcated from early age, it will be a very different world to live in. one with peace, harmony, and love with each other and the planet!

i get goosebumps every time i listen to this song! it’s called “Back To Nature

the lyrics are one thing, containing samples from “Kuauhtli Vasquez recorded at House of Colors Ibiza” and the Chant / Hikuru from a member of Wixarika Tribe, recorded in ceremony at Sacbe, Mexico; nut the music production by Nightmares On Wax is brilliant in itself.

listen to the song below and scroll further to view the lyrics!

All humans share one spirit. 

All humans share one consciousness. 

But yet they want to be separated, like "my life", "my ideas". 

They don't realize that all humans share a huge pool of consciousness, of thought. 

All human thought vibrates at a certain frequency. 

We're all in communication. 

You know, when you exhale, I breathe the air you breathe. 

We're all together, really! 

This is the way nature designed it! So that we will be sharing the Earth, together. 

This is a time for understanding of Mother Earth, and how Nature is functioning. 

Nature and the Earth understand this relationship.

The Earth itself is a huge magnet, so it's creating energy, a magnetic force. 

The Earth is given to us in a perfect and natural way. 

Everything in the material world comes from the Spirit. 

The reason Nature is alive is because there's a Spirit that's manifesting constantly. 

So we say that everything comes from the Spirit, from this energetic life source. 

And humans, they just want to take. 
They go, they gather, they take. They're taking, just taking. 
Taking Taking. Taking. 

What Nature says is you have to give first to the Spirit. 
And to what you want to receive. 

Take a couple breaths of air. 
That's the same air that my family is breathing. 
The same air they're breathing in every part of the Planet.

Let's take care of this.
We're all eating the food that Mother Earth gives us. Everybody! Everybody's food comes from the same Earth. 

So let's create that global consciousness, this planetary way of living.

They ask in our culture; "how do you say please?" 
You don't need to say "Please"

Everything's there for you, you just need to know how to ask for it in a respectful way, with Love. 

Ask for it with Love, accept it with Love, and then you give Love back. 

You don't give trash, you don't give pollution back to Nature. 

You give Love back.
You give some of your energetic goodness back to the Earth.

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imagine if we all practiced this way of living?
wouldn’t it be just amazing and fulfilling?
let me know what you think in the comments below!

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