the magic of maintaining a gratitude jar

gratitude jar
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beginning of 2020 i started maintaining a weekly gratitude jar — i used to make a note of at least 1 thing i was grateful for that week and put it in a jar.

at the beginning of 2021, i opened those notes and went through them before i added new entries to that jar.

by default, i didn’t expect much because of the pandemic. the overarching thought was that nothing great happened this year; that it was a sh*t year etc.

but as i went through the notes, i realised i couldn’t be more wrong!

so much happened in that year.

i got a snapshot of my year in 52 notes.
the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

it started with the sheer excitement for the year 2020. i was curating music shows, going for shows as a music enthusiast, travelling, etc.

then covid happened.

every week since then i expressed gratitude for my health and of those around me.

i expressed gratitude for the money and the basic necessities we are blessed with to continue living as we do.

i expressed gratitude for the quality of time i spent with my family during the lockdown.

i then saw myself go through severe depression and anxiety and come out of it.

i saw myself being grateful for the smallest of things like
– stepping out of my house for the first time,
– meeting my extended fam for the first time,
– meeting my friends for the first time!!!
(first time after the lockdown that is)

all of these experiences don’t seem small when you’re in a lockdown. god, i had missed seeing them!

i made some bold career decisions.

and to cap the year,
– me and my family moved to a new home!
– i travelled outside delhi for the first time since lockdown!!!

dammmm!!!! is there more?

there is still a lot but i would say these were some of the highlights, haha!

if 2020 had so much to be grateful for, i can’t even imagine what the years to come have in store; and of course, what the years that have gone by had in store (if only i was present)

i have made a decision to continue this activity till the end of my time.

i have set a simple weekly reminder on my phone for me to execute this idea.

i highly recommend you do too and experience the joy and abundance for yourself! 🙂

power and peace to you x

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