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discover your why and live a life that works for you
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in this post i will be sharing a simple life hack (an exercise) for you to discover your why. this is a follow up to the post where i shared the importance of why. if you haven’t read that yet you can read it here.

in short, your “why” doesn’t only make it easier for you to make decisions, it also provides the crucial motivation/inspiration/support during hard times or when you feel like giving up.

“he who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

friedrich nietzsche

“whenever you feel like giving up, remember why you started in the first place.”


ps, it is absolutely okay to let go of things when they don’t align with your why anymore or when your why changes; as long as you know yourself, what you want and why you want it. 

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the exercise shared in this post will help you discover your why.

ever since i read “start with why” by simon sinek (highly recommended read, or at least watch his ted talk) i have developed the habit of staring with why. before i start any task or take on any project, i ask myself what is the context, why am i doing this or why do i want to do this?

it makes the how and what much easier. 

(i also apply this when people ask me to do something. i try to understand their why so i can serve them better.)

later, i discovered this powerful exercise, the 7 levels deep exercise, which helped me discover my why; the REAL, deeper why. the why of whys one can say. 

when we ask ourselves “why”, the answer is, usually, on a very superficial level. what we REALLY want is hidden from us. but this exercise will help you dig deeper and discover your real why. your anchor, your north star. 

i came across this exercise while reading “millionaire success habits” by dean graziosi. (another highly recommended read to let go of your limiting beliefs and adopt habits that will help you be successful)

you can use this exercise in any area you wish to use it in, i used this exercise (and continue to use it*) to discover why i want to be successful. 

*the author recommends we do this exercise once a year since we are always evolving and so our needs/wants/why might evolve with time too. i have set a reminder to do this every december (#jussharin)

anyway, so here is the exercise. there is also an example of how it is to be used on the following page. 

*note: this file has been taken from

i hope this helps you discover your deeper why and help you live a life that works for you

peace and power to you!

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