how to quieten the mind chatter (hack 2)

quieten mind chatter
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it is both, an incredibly powerful and a peaceful feeling to be able to quieten the mind chatter, at your own will! 

you either control your mind or it controls you

napoleon hill

in this post, i share another hack for you to quieten your mind chatter, instantly!

we say we want “peace of mind” but really what we want is peace from mind.


^ heard this on joe rogan’s podcast with naval.
if you haven’t watched it yet, i highly recommend you do. it is enlightening!

as i was lying on my bed one night, trying to sleep, i could notice the mind chatter. i was playing the role of an observer, not identifying with any of the thoughts; just witnessing them as they came and went. 

while witnessing those thoughts, i started visualising the voice in my head, the mind chatter.

something like this:

it was the first time i ever did this.

i noticed the waveform change shape as per the sound of the mind chatter.

i then got curious and wondered what would happen if i were to visualise the waveform transform to a flatline. (now that the waveform was associated with the mind chatter)

i did try it; i visualised the waveform transform into a flatline, and guess what, i experienced peace from mind!!!

as i visualised the flat line, i noticed the mind chatter disappear instantly!

i experienced peace from mind, immediately, in the truest of sense! 

and since then, every time i have called upon this technique, it has worked for me. 

i invite you to try it for yourself and share if it works for you!

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